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The Timeless Classic Music and Visual Arts of the Wild West Shows inspired me to create a variety show that would allow my audience to experience a fun and interactive piece of Americana, Original and Current Pop music. As an accomplished Wild-West Performer I bring to the stage a choreographed show of Fancy Trick Roping, Gun Spinning and Bull Whips.

My show appeals to all ages and many venues as a professional entertainer, musician, leader of The Wild Oats Band and a Wild West Performing Cowgirl. I am looking forward to producing new original songs and recruiting new fans while keeping the West Wild.


Blessed trails




Cowgirl Wild-West show is a 15 minute choreographed display of Fancy trick roping, gun spinning"replica non firing guns of course", and  fancy bull whips. For extended shows, I offer strolling in a crowd for picture opportunity and hands on teaching of ropes and gun spinning. I provide all the props.
My Variety show consist of a musical concert with myself as a solo on guitar, harmonica, ukulele and banjo, or The Wild Oats Band

We play a wide selection of fun popular upbeat and positive songs as well as Olde Timey music 



Dear Judy,

SOHO would like to thank you for participating in the Grand Opening of the Warner-Carrillo Ranch House. All of our guests enjoyed your performance, from your singing and guitar playing, to your awesome gun, rope and bullwhip tricks,

Email Judy


Call/Text @ 7607822727

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