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 Approved for San Diego Unified School District History Curriculum

I have performed for many years as a family entertainer at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World, camp grounds, schools, fairs and parties.

My show as a costume Wild-West cowgirl performing fancy rope twirling, bull whip cracking and gun spinning “using fake guns of course” is always a hit with kids and adults.

I offer easy to spin ropes for kids to learn how to twirl, adults can learn as well. Kids can get inside the big loop with me for photo opportunity.

I have a list of fun pop and Americana folk music for sing-a-longs and lots of hand held instruments for everyone to join in the concert as a percussion player or a singer and dancer.

One of the favorite characters in my show at the San Diego Zoo was my monkey puppet Biter, so real looking that even adults are fooled. He is a part of the act for age appropriate audience.

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