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My Variety show consist of a musical concert with myself as a solo on guitar, harmonica, ukulele and banjo, or with my all girl band The Wild Oats. we play Olde Timey music as well as some popular upbeat and positive songs.  
I perform this act in vintage cowgirl costume or sleek modern rodeo glitz with upbeat music to showcase the trick roping, gun spinning and bull whips.  
I also offer strolling while performing and hands on teaching or photo opportunity.  
Fancy trick roping is done with a special cotton rope that is flexible and soft. It requires much skill to keep it spinning to do tricks and manipulation. The art comes in the form of jumping in and out of the loop and a variety of tricks with vertical and horizontal loops while keeping the rope spinning. 
Gun spinning is a visual treat with a skilled handler who can spin one or two pistols around their fingers while doing a display of moves. The guns I use are a replica designed and balanced specifically for entertainment and do not shoot bullets. 
Bull whips were a cowboy and cowgirl’s handy tool. A routine of cracks would allow a horse rider to manage a herd of cattle or horses. In a show these tricks are fun and fascinating to watch and hear!